Minto, ON N0G加拿大的日出日落時間表

Location: 加拿大 > 安大略 > 威靈頓縣 >
2024-07-14 11:02:31
05:54:49 AM
09:04:01 PM
15h 9m 12s
05:55:42 AM
09:03:19 PM
15h 7m 37s


日期 日出 日落 日照時長
2024年01月01日 07:57:46 AM 04:56:36 PM 8h 58m 50s
2024年02月01日 07:39:52 AM 05:34:10 PM 9h 54m 18s
2024年03月01日 06:57:32 AM 06:13:20 PM 11h 15m 48s
2024年04月01日 07:02:03 AM 07:51:41 PM 12h 49m 38s
2024年05月01日 06:12:58 AM 08:27:45 PM 14h 14m 47s
2024年06月01日 05:43:02 AM 08:59:57 PM 15h 16m 55s
2024年07月01日 05:45:33 AM 09:09:36 PM 15h 24m 3s
2024年07月14日 05:55:15 AM 09:03:40 PM 15h 8m 25s
2024年07月15日 05:56:09 AM 09:02:57 PM 15h 6m 48s
2024年08月01日 06:13:25 AM 08:45:55 PM 14h 32m 30s
2024年09月01日 06:48:24 AM 07:57:33 PM 13h 9m 9s
2024年10月01日 07:22:42 AM 07:02:33 PM 11h 39m 51s
2024年11月01日 08:01:32 AM 06:12:24 PM 10h 10m 52s
2024年12月01日 07:39:17 AM 04:46:39 PM 9h 7m 22s


square squareformat iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram
Almost the #sunset here at #Kincardine #Beach. Just beautiful
sunset sky blackandwhite bw buildings sony farms
End of Day 2
cloud ontario canada storm weather wall chase thunderstorm severe supercell
Supercell & Wall Cloud
field view counry
Our View
square squareformat iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram
Who says Canada doesn't have a culture?
Left BPNP in a flurry.
Palmerston Cenotaph
Harriston Cenotaph
Palmerston, Ontario
CN Palmerston
Kempston & Werth Realty Ltd - Palmerston
barn farm silo mountforest mountforestontario
Mount Forest Farm
farmhouse barn farm silo fields mountforest mountforestontario
Mount Forest Farm
mountforestfarm1968 mountforestfarm
Mount Forest Farm
ball golf drivingrange
Driving Range
ontario barn farm silo silos mountforest southgatetownship mountforestontario egremonttownship imholtzfarm
Mount Forest Farm
ontario canada m109 mountforest mountforeston mountforestontario welcometomountforest mediumselfpropelled155mmhowitzer royalcanadianbranch134 highhealthhappy alt1407feet
Welcome to Mount Forest
ontario canada oldsign ghostsign mountforest mountforeston mountforestontario ghostsignmountforest
Ghost Sign
ontario war wwi wwii ww2 ww1 remembranceday warmemorial koreanwar lestweforget mountforest canadianwarmemorial mountforeston mountforestontario
War Memorial
ontario canada spring groundhog mountforest mountforeston mountforestontario surefeelslikespring
Sure feels like spring....
ontario canada fog farm gimp farmland minimalism snowdrifts haybales ordinarylandscape brucecounty microsoftice oloneo olympusomdem5
Wrapped bales
ontario canada fog gimp farmland april snowdrifts ordinarylandscape brucecounty microsoftice oloneo olympusomdem5
Last of the snow
1969 farm silos johndeere thefarm internationalharvester mountforest newholland mountforestontario egermonttownship
Duelling Tractors
ontario canada abandoned fog flood farm gimp oldbarn maitlandriver brucecounty microsoftice oloneo olympusomdem5
Barn by the Maitland
ontario train vintage engine palmerston locomotive

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