Maplewood, Rochester, NY, 美國的日出日落時間表

Location: 美國 > 紐約州 > 門羅縣 > 美國紐約州羅徹斯特 >
2020-11-30 23:48:07
07:23:31 AM
04:36:21 PM
9h 12m 50s
07:24:34 AM
04:36:04 PM
9h 11m 30s


日期 日出 日落 日照時長
2020年01月01日 07:42:29 AM 04:46:13 PM 9h 3m 44s
2020年02月01日 07:25:25 AM 05:22:59 PM 9h 57m 34s
2020年03月01日 06:44:09 AM 06:01:05 PM 11h 16m 56s
2020年04月01日 06:49:51 AM 07:38:15 PM 12h 48m 24s
2020年05月01日 06:01:52 AM 08:13:12 PM 14h 11m 20s
2020年06月01日 05:32:46 AM 08:44:32 PM 15h 11m 46s
2020年07月01日 05:35:21 AM 08:54:07 PM 15h 18m 46s
2020年08月01日 06:02:27 AM 08:31:14 PM 14h 28m 47s
2020年09月01日 06:36:20 AM 07:43:59 PM 13h 7m 39s
2020年10月01日 07:09:31 AM 06:50:06 PM 11h 40m 35s
2020年11月01日 06:47:16 AM 05:01:02 PM 10h 13m 46s
2020年11月30日 07:23:02 AM 04:36:29 PM 9h 13m 27s
2020年12月01日 07:24:06 AM 04:36:11 PM 9h 12m 5s


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Frozen Skies
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Just The Two Of Us
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Rochester Ny ~ 706 East Ave ~ Historical East Ave District ~ Rounded Porch
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Sunset George's Garden
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Braddock Bay Sunset
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779 East Ave ~ Rochester NY ~ Historical East Ave District
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Erie canal heritage trail at sunset
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Sailor's Warning at Irondequoit Inlet
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Cobbs Hill
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706 East Ave, Rochester NY ~ DAVID COREY ~ THOMAS B. DUNN House ~ Historic District
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Ontario Beach Sunset
Hojack Field with intense sunset
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High Falls
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Nokia Re-Edits
Rochester City Lights (1 of 1)
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February Morning
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Ontario Beach at Sunrise
Summerville Pier Sunrise
"Winter Sunrise"
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Calm Before The Storm
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Rochester Ny ~ H. H. Warner Building ~ Historic Building
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Irondequoit Pier Sunrise
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Nearly Frozen
Sunrise at Rochester Harbor
Summerville Beach Sunrise
Sunrise at Rochester Harbor
Lake Ontario Beach Before Sunrise
Gulls In Flight Before Sunrise
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Darkest Before Dawn
Summerville Pier Before Sunrise
"Good Morning"
Another Durand Beach and Rocks at Sunrise Photo
Lake Ontario at Summerville at Sunrise
Durand Sunrise