Bombay Rd, Pietermaritzburg, 南非Bombay Road的日出日落時間表

Location: 南非 > 誇祖魯-納塔爾省 > 南非 > 南非彼得馬利茲堡 > 南非 >
2023-12-10 06:38:22
04:51:12 AM
06:50:58 PM
13h 59m 46s
04:51:25 AM
06:51:40 PM
14h 0m 15s


日期 日出 日落 日照時長
2023年01月01日 05:01:58 AM 07:02:02 PM 14h 0m 4s
2023年02月01日 05:27:52 AM 06:56:03 PM 13h 28m 11s
2023年03月01日 05:49:43 AM 06:31:40 PM 12h 41m 57s
2023年04月01日 06:08:57 AM 05:55:31 PM 11h 46m 34s
2023年05月01日 06:26:49 AM 05:24:09 PM 10h 57m 20s
2023年06月01日 06:45:12 AM 05:07:19 PM 10h 22m 7s
2023年07月01日 06:53:53 AM 05:10:43 PM 10h 16m 50s
2023年08月01日 06:42:51 AM 05:26:38 PM 10h 43m 47s
2023年09月01日 06:13:03 AM 05:43:42 PM 11h 30m 39s
2023年10月01日 05:36:33 AM 05:59:30 PM 12h 22m 57s
2023年11月01日 05:04:03 AM 06:19:54 PM 13h 15m 51s
2023年12月01日 04:50:31 AM 06:44:22 PM 13h 53m 51s
2023年12月10日 04:51:15 AM 06:51:08 PM 13h 59m 53s
2023年12月11日 04:51:29 AM 06:51:50 PM 14h 0m 21s


africa blue sunset cloud sun detail yellow shine
African Sunset
africa road street city blue houses sunset sky house art architecture modern clouds painting landscape lights landscapes town paint purple mud walk african journey western gravel tar builings
The Journey
Trees of orange
square squareformat iphoneography instagramapp xproii uploaded:by=instagram foursquare:venue=4e232295483b041af1fdafc9
Sunset... Final do dia de filmagens show! #africa #worldchampionships #rootridertv #tldbrasil #hupibikes
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Beautiful African sunrise #southafrica #pietermaritzburg
Bugging Andy
The kits are out
Almost ready
Andy going through his drugs
Our bedroom
Hostel was overbooked so we got an upgrade, sleeping directly at the owner's house!
No Uber here, we need to walk to the hostel after returning the car..
Pizzology: random great place for a pizza in Pietermaritzburg
This year's motto
Posing with the dude who invented the Comrades (dead)
Comrades House!
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Lining up, a few minutes til start. Great vibe here #comrades2016 #pietermaritzburgcityhall
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Charne Bosman South Africa is routing for you as number 1 #comrades2016 #pietermaritzburgcityhall
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At start of Comrades 2016 #roadwar
uploaded:by=flickstagram instagram:photo=50282089609217803240638568 instagram:venuename=greyshospital instagram:venue=9294790
Mandela day
uploaded:by=flickstagram instagram:photo=50277442484802518040638568 instagram:venuename=greyshospital instagram:venue=9294790
Madiba day
UKZN talk_IMG_5310
horse newspaper races krant pietermaritzburg pmb menman paarderaces
Take a horse race gamble
Harry Potter
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Two more #parrot play stations from otder of 5 for one shop in PMB. Guess who wont sleep tonight? ???????????? #smallfryz #birdsofinstagram #birds #birdtoys #parrots #parrottoys #parrotgym #pietermaritzburg
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Gorgeous #superstars #animalove #animallover Remembering #SouthaAfrica #throwback to #Phinda #paradise #naturalbeauty #spectacular #bestplaceintheworld

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Bombay Rd, Pietermaritzburg, 南非Bombay Road