Centennial Avenue, Alexandra 新西兰的日出日落时间表

Location: 新西兰 > 奥塔哥 > 新西兰 > 新西兰亚历山德拉 >
2020-11-29 20:59:02
05:51:12 AM
09:10:25 PM
15h 19m 13s
05:50:43 AM
09:11:37 PM
15h 20m 54s


日期 日出 日落 日照时常
2020年01月01日 05:57:57 AM 09:33:08 PM 15h 35m 11s
2020年02月01日 06:37:12 AM 09:14:33 PM 14h 37m 21s
2020年03月01日 07:19:21 AM 08:30:13 PM 13h 10m 52s
2020年04月01日 08:00:14 AM 07:32:26 PM 11h 32m 12s
2020年05月01日 07:37:51 AM 05:41:16 PM 10h 3m 25s
2020年06月01日 08:11:19 AM 05:09:18 PM 8h 57m 59s
2020年07月01日 08:22:27 AM 05:10:15 PM 8h 47m 48s
2020年08月01日 07:59:43 AM 05:37:54 PM 9h 38m 11s
2020年09月01日 07:10:52 AM 06:14:03 PM 11h 3m 11s
2020年10月01日 07:14:01 AM 07:50:14 PM 12h 36m 13s
2020年11月01日 06:20:21 AM 08:31:44 PM 14h 11m 23s
2020年11月29日 05:51:19 AM 09:10:10 PM 15h 18m 51s
2020年11月30日 05:50:49 AM 09:11:22 PM 15h 20m 33s
2020年12月01日 05:50:22 AM 09:12:34 PM 15h 22m 12s


morning misty bravo frost dam central alexandra nz otago butchers
Playing Birds
sunset rain rock clouds near central boulder alexandra maybe nz otago tor coming
"There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds."
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Butcher's Dam, this morning
alexandra ankh blue caldwell centralotago clouds longexposure mountain newzealand purple rock southisland sunset
A town called Alex
newzealand otago butchersgully
Butchers Blades
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So Still
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Here comes the sun
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Dunstan Mountains Pano
sunset alexandra centralotago clutha newzealandlandscapeimages
Lenticular Sunset - Clyde, Central Otago New Zealand
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Disturbed in Paradise
newzealand otago butchersgully
Butchers Glow
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Old Man Rock
landscape dam alexandra nz otago butchers
Central Otago Dam
square squareformat iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram
Cycling up for the start of the women's road race. #nofilter #clubnationals
Sunset in Roxburgh
autumn fall clouds sunrise view central nz otago viewpoint cyde
Sunrise view, Clyde lookout
bridge autumn abandoned sunrise river
Old Alexandrea Bridge
alexandra centralotago sunrise morning newzealand
Saturday sunrise, Alexandra, Central Otago.

Centennial Avenue, Alexandra 新西兰的地图

Centennial Avenue, Alexandra 新西兰