Sunrise Sunset Times of North Waziristan Agency, Federally Administered Tribal Area, Pakistan

Location: Pakistan > Federally Administered Tribal Area >
Current Time:
2024-07-16 17:15:41
Sunrise Today:
05:23:31 AM
Sunset Today:
07:29:08 PM
Daylength Today:
14h 5m 37s
Sunrise Tomorrow:
05:24:08 AM
Sunset Tomorrow:
07:28:40 PM
Daylength Tomorrow:
14h 4m 32s

Year Show All Dates

Date Sunrise Sunset Daylength
01/01/2024 07:22:51 AM 05:24:15 PM 10h 1m 24s
02/01/2024 07:15:25 AM 05:51:56 PM 10h 36m 31s
03/01/2024 06:47:10 AM 06:17:33 PM 11h 30m 23s
04/01/2024 06:07:06 AM 06:40:37 PM 12h 33m 31s
05/01/2024 05:31:59 AM 07:02:26 PM 13h 30m 27s
06/01/2024 05:12:21 AM 07:23:54 PM 14h 11m 33s
07/01/2024 05:15:38 AM 07:32:45 PM 14h 17m 7s
07/16/2024 05:23:36 AM 07:29:04 PM 14h 5m 28s
07/17/2024 05:24:13 AM 07:28:37 PM 14h 4m 24s
08/01/2024 05:34:10 AM 07:18:49 PM 13h 44m 39s
09/01/2024 05:55:07 AM 06:44:52 PM 12h 49m 45s
10/01/2024 06:14:44 AM 06:04:32 PM 11h 49m 48s
11/01/2024 06:38:39 AM 05:28:50 PM 10h 50m 11s
12/01/2024 07:05:22 AM 05:13:27 PM 10h 8m 5s

Sunrise & Sunset Photos

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North Waziristan Agency, Federally Administered Tribal Area, Pakistan

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