Horas de salida y puesta de sol de Masii, Kenia

Location: Kenia > Machakos County >
Zona horaria:
Hora local:
2024-06-24 03:47:59
Salida de sol de hoy:
06:31:40 AM
Puesta de sol de hoy:
06:33:59 PM
La duración del día hoy:
12h 2m 19s
Salida de sol de mañana:
06:31:53 AM
Puesta de sol de mañana:
06:34:12 PM
La duración del día mañana:
12h 2m 19s

Mostrar todas las fechas

Fecha Salida de sol Puesta de sol Duración del día
01/01/2024 06:27:30 AM 06:39:53 PM 12h 12m 23s
01/02/2024 06:38:24 AM 06:49:08 PM 12h 10m 44s
01/03/2024 06:38:13 AM 06:46:34 PM 12h 8m 21s
01/04/2024 06:30:58 AM 06:36:47 PM 12h 5m 49s
01/05/2024 06:25:21 AM 06:29:10 PM 12h 3m 49s
01/06/2024 06:26:57 AM 06:29:29 PM 12h 2m 32s
24/06/2024 06:31:43 AM 06:34:02 PM 12h 2m 19s
25/06/2024 06:31:55 AM 06:34:15 PM 12h 2m 20s
01/07/2024 06:33:06 AM 06:35:29 PM 12h 2m 23s
01/08/2024 06:34:52 AM 06:38:14 PM 12h 3m 22s
01/09/2024 06:27:23 AM 06:32:37 PM 12h 5m 14s
01/10/2024 06:15:52 AM 06:23:25 PM 12h 7m 33s
01/11/2024 06:08:44 AM 06:18:52 PM 12h 10m 8s
01/12/2024 06:13:30 AM 06:25:35 PM 12h 12m 5s


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Women sell farm produce in Casamence, southern Senegal. Evidence shows that women’s full participation in the economy drives better performing and more resilient businesses and supports economic growth and wider development goals for nations. Credit: Stel