Horas de salida y puesta de sol de Bland Rd, York WA, Australia

Location: Australia > Occidental > Shire of York > York Australia Occidental >
Zona horaria:
Hora local:
2024-07-19 20:31:47
Salida de sol de hoy:
07:09:21 AM
Puesta de sol de hoy:
05:29:15 PM
La duración del día hoy:
10h 19m 54s
Salida de sol de mañana:
07:08:51 AM
Puesta de sol de mañana:
05:29:51 PM
La duración del día mañana:
10h 21m 0s

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Fecha Salida de sol Puesta de sol Duración del día
01/01/2024 05:10:21 AM 07:22:02 PM 14h 11m 41s
01/02/2024 05:37:42 AM 07:15:05 PM 13h 37m 23s
01/03/2024 06:02:43 AM 06:47:38 PM 12h 44m 55s
01/04/2024 06:24:36 AM 06:08:47 PM 11h 44m 11s
01/05/2024 06:44:53 AM 05:35:07 PM 10h 50m 14s
01/06/2024 07:05:00 AM 05:16:41 PM 10h 11m 41s
01/07/2024 07:13:49 AM 05:19:59 PM 10h 6m 10s
19/07/2024 07:09:21 AM 05:29:15 PM 10h 19m 54s
20/07/2024 07:08:51 AM 05:29:51 PM 10h 21m 0s
01/08/2024 07:01:12 AM 05:37:20 PM 10h 36m 8s
01/09/2024 06:28:57 AM 05:56:42 PM 11h 27m 45s
01/10/2024 05:49:55 AM 06:15:02 PM 12h 25m 7s
01/11/2024 05:14:57 AM 06:38:04 PM 13h 23m 7s
01/12/2024 04:59:43 AM 07:04:26 PM 14h 4m 43s


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Sunset in York WA
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20180530-036a-York Sunset_HDR-Flickr.jpg
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20180530-036c-York Sunset_HDR-Edit - Flickr.jpg
york lavendalefarm
Fire in the sky
york erin ethan leonard yewyen lavendalefarm
Dusk at Lavendale Farm
york australia sofa wa westernaustralia
Just Me & the World
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Open_A_York Sunset WA_420-Flickr.jpg
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20180617-020a-York Night-Flickr.jpg
york sunset dusk valley outback westernaustralia smalltown
The Last Glimpse
york sunset dusk valley outback westernaustralia smalltown mountbrown mountbrownlookout
The Setting Sun Waits for No Man
wa internal 2018tour slideshow flickr facebook yorkhouse york sunrise reginastef architectural
20180531-036a-York Internal Sunrise-Flickr.jpg
wa internal 2018tour slideshow flickr facebook yorkhouse york sunrise reginastef pano architectural
20180531-082a-York Internal Sunrise-Flickr.jpg