Thoroughbred Rd, Walton, NY 美国的日出日落时间表

2019-09-18 05:01:17
06:43:31 AM
07:05:15 PM
12h 21m 44s
06:44:35 AM
07:03:29 PM
12h 18m 54s


日期 日出 日落 日照时常
2019年01月01日 07:29:14 AM 04:39:05 PM 9h 9m 51s
2019年02月01日 07:12:50 AM 05:15:01 PM 10h 2m 11s
2019年03月01日 06:34:21 AM 05:50:37 PM 11h 16m 16s
2019年04月01日 06:41:32 AM 07:26:25 PM 12h 44m 53s
2019年05月01日 05:54:35 AM 08:00:02 PM 14h 5m 27s
2019年06月01日 05:25:51 AM 08:30:36 PM 15h 4m 45s
2019年07月01日 05:27:49 AM 08:40:45 PM 15h 12m 56s
2019年08月01日 05:53:40 AM 08:19:31 PM 14h 25m 51s
2019年09月01日 06:26:12 AM 07:34:00 PM 13h 7m 48s
2019年09月18日 06:44:03 AM 07:04:22 PM 12h 20m 19s
2019年09月19日 06:45:06 AM 07:02:36 PM 12h 17m 30s
2019年10月01日 06:57:59 AM 06:41:30 PM 11h 43m 31s
2019年11月01日 07:34:12 AM 05:53:31 PM 10h 19m 19s
2019年12月01日 07:10:11 AM 04:28:54 PM 9h 18m 43s


My Hamden meadow
Sunset at the "Dome"
Sunset at the "Dome"
Sunset at the "Dome"
Sunset at the "Dome"
Sunset at the "Dome"
sunset discgolf disc discgolfbasket
Sun sets over disc golf basket
Sunset at the "Dome"
light sunset sunlight clouds rays
evening light
panorama otsegocountynewyork otsegocountyny otsegocounty the607 rollinghills valley fog sunrise catskillmountians catskills oneontanewyork oneontany oneonta upstatenewyork upstateny upstate fall autumn
Sunrise and fog over the valley
upstate upstateny upstatenewyork fall autumn catskills catskillmountians barn sunrise changingcolors otsegocounty otsegocountyny otsegocountynewyork jsphotography
The Sunrise over the Barn
upstate upstateny upstatenewyork otsegocounty otsegocountyny otsegocountynewyork catskills catskillmountians changingcolors fall autumn rollinghills jsphotography sunrise
Mom looking back at the beauty
thehawkwatch catskills catskillmountians hawkwatch country rollinghills jsphotography changingcolors fog sunrise valley the607 otsegocounty otsegocountyny otsegocountynewyork autumn fall upstatenewyork upstateny upstate geese
Look out from the Hawk Watch with geese