Sunrise Sunset Times of Co-op Kwa Jirani Dawamu Enterprises, Lolgorian Town, Transmara, Narok, Kenya

Location: Kenya > Narok County >
Current Time:
2018-09-21 05:57:58
Sunrise Today:
06:30:10 AM
Sunset Today:
06:36:52 PM
Daylength Today:
12h 6m 42s
Sunrise Tomorrow:
06:29:47 AM
Sunset Tomorrow:
06:36:33 PM
Daylength Tomorrow:
12h 6m 46s

Year Show All Dates

Date Sunrise Sunset Daylength
01/01/2018 06:38:43 AM 06:49:36 PM 12h 10m 53s
02/01/2018 06:49:15 AM 06:58:53 PM 12h 9m 38s
03/01/2018 06:48:46 AM 06:56:42 PM 12h 7m 56s
04/01/2018 06:41:11 AM 06:47:20 PM 12h 6m 9s
05/01/2018 06:35:08 AM 06:39:56 PM 12h 4m 48s
06/01/2018 06:36:21 AM 06:40:21 PM 12h 4m 0s
07/01/2018 06:42:27 AM 06:46:20 PM 12h 3m 53s
08/01/2018 06:44:33 AM 06:49:02 PM 12h 4m 29s
09/01/2018 06:37:33 AM 06:43:14 PM 12h 5m 41s
09/21/2018 06:30:05 AM 06:36:48 PM 12h 6m 43s
09/22/2018 06:29:42 AM 06:36:29 PM 12h 6m 47s
10/01/2018 06:26:24 AM 06:33:41 PM 12h 7m 17s
11/01/2018 06:19:28 AM 06:28:38 PM 12h 9m 10s
12/01/2018 06:24:16 AM 06:34:54 PM 12h 10m 38s

Sunrise & Sunset Photos

rve crlf
More of the library - Emmanuel explaining how their library system works
rve crlf
Tour of the history centre
school light children kerosene rve crlf
A more senior class - new desks! More space, book and stationary storage, higher seating - generally much more Ok.
rve crlf
The school history centre - a pupil-made and managed collection of traditional objects from the areas of origin of the pupils themselves...
rve crlf
The school "code of conduct"
school light children kerosene rve crlf
The school classroom - lessons at night also!! Lots to catch up on. These are the uncomfortable desks we're helping to replace
rve crlf
School library