Sandgap, KY, USA Sonnenaufgang Sonnenuntergang Zeiten

2019-12-14 08:07:38
Sonnenaufgang Heute:
07:42:59 AM
Sonnenuntergang Heute:
05:19:07 PM
Tageslänge heute:
9h 36m 8s
Sonnenaufgang morgen:
07:43:40 AM
Sonnenuntergang Morgen:
05:19:24 PM
Tageslänge von morgen:
9h 35m 44s

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Datum Sonnenaufgang Sonnenuntergang Tageslänge
2019-01-01 07:51:00 AM 05:29:29 PM 9h 38m 29s
2019-02-01 07:39:03 AM 06:00:58 PM 10h 21m 55s
2019-03-01 07:06:31 AM 06:30:34 PM 11h 24m 3s
2019-04-01 07:20:41 AM 07:59:23 PM 12h 38m 42s
2019-05-01 06:40:14 AM 08:26:32 PM 13h 46m 18s
2019-06-01 06:16:35 AM 08:52:01 PM 14h 35m 26s
2019-07-01 06:19:17 AM 09:01:26 PM 14h 42m 9s
2019-08-01 06:41:04 AM 08:44:15 PM 14h 3m 11s
2019-09-01 07:07:14 AM 08:05:06 PM 12h 57m 52s
2019-10-01 07:32:23 AM 07:19:15 PM 11h 46m 52s
2019-11-01 08:01:52 AM 06:37:59 PM 10h 36m 7s
2019-12-01 07:32:45 AM 05:18:30 PM 9h 45m 45s
2019-12-14 07:43:22 AM 05:19:16 PM 9h 35m 54s
2019-12-15 07:44:02 AM 05:19:34 PM 9h 35m 32s


appalachia berea cumberlandplateau indianfortmountain kentucky goldenhour knobs lookout sunset dusk
I knew it the moment I saw you
appalachia easternkentucky kentucky cloudy rain sunset blue clouds bluegrass
From Appalachian knobs, there is the promise of Bluegrass to the west
pentaxart igp7258pedited4
Sunrise over the Eastern Kentucky hills.
bereaky imgp2673edited3
Foggy morning view from Eagle's Nest on Indian Fort Mountain in Berea, KY
berea cumberlandplateau kentucky bluegrass dusk goldenhour sunset madisoncounty mountainrangeedge overlook sky bereapinnacles indianforttrail landscape
Golden hour from the edge of the Cumberland Plateau
sunset evening hiking kentucky tripod waterfalls appalachia goldenhour cumberlandplateau easternkentucky danielboonenationalforest bereakentucky anglinfalls rockcastlecountykentucky kentuckywaterfalls
Anglin Falls
celltower sunset appalachia dusk goldenhour sky forest landscape berea kentucky danielboonenationalforest
Lone tower, fiery sky
ky berea bereaky pentaxart imgp2644edited2
Foggy sunrise view from Eagle's Nest on Indian Fort Mountain in Berea, KY
bereaky imgp2588edited2
Something a little different.......
Autumn, Berea Forest
bereaky imgp2691edited2
Foggy sunrise view from Eagle's Nest on Indian Fort Mountain in Berea, KY
trees foothills mountains macro tree green ice nature water spring rocks natural hiking kentucky sunny hills climbing appalachia springtime
Moon in Sunset