Nördliche Marianen Sonnenaufgang Sonnenuntergang Zeiten

2018-05-21 18:57:27
Sonnenaufgang Heute:
05:47:21 AM
Sonnenuntergang Heute:
06:40:24 PM
Tageslänge heute:
12h 53m 3s
Sonnenaufgang morgen:
05:47:10 AM
Sonnenuntergang Morgen:
06:40:44 PM
Tageslänge von morgen:
12h 53m 34s

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Datum Sonnenaufgang Sonnenuntergang Tageslänge
2018-01-01 06:43:09 AM 05:58:16 PM 11h 15m 7s
2018-02-01 06:46:10 AM 06:15:28 PM 11h 29m 18s
2018-03-01 06:34:24 AM 06:24:59 PM 11h 50m 35s
2018-04-01 06:12:51 AM 06:29:41 PM 12h 16m 50s
2018-05-01 05:54:09 AM 06:34:44 PM 12h 40m 35s
2018-05-21 05:47:22 AM 06:40:23 PM 12h 53m 1s
2018-05-22 05:47:11 AM 06:40:42 PM 12h 53m 31s
2018-06-01 05:46:12 AM 06:43:59 PM 12h 57m 47s
2018-07-01 05:50:50 AM 06:51:24 PM 13h 0m 34s
2018-08-01 05:59:49 AM 06:47:31 PM 12h 47m 42s
2018-09-01 06:04:50 AM 06:30:00 PM 12h 25m 10s
2018-10-01 06:06:57 AM 06:07:11 PM 12h 0m 14s
2018-11-01 06:13:08 AM 05:48:39 PM 11h 35m 31s
2018-12-01 06:27:07 AM 05:45:15 PM 11h 18m 8s


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Saipan Sunset
square squareformat earlybird iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram
Waiting for the #sunset on #saipan.
square squareformat hefe iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram foursquare:venue=4cc67fffbde8f04da942b74b
#sunset at American Memorial Park on #saipan.
Sunset & Dusk at Saipan 201202
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silhouetted beauties
Sunset & Dusk at Saipan 201202
Sunset & Dusk at Saipan 201202
saipan fujix100s
Sunset Stroll
sunset saipan 2014 microbeach hafadai
square squareformat mayfair iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram
Our #sunset at PIC on #saipan.
Sunset & Dusk at Saipan 201202
Sunset & Dusk at Saipan 201202
square lofi squareformat iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram
The sunset at PIC today was unreal. #sunset #beach #ocean #saipan #cnmi #marianas
Sunset & Dusk at Saipan 201202
Sunset & Dusk at Saipan 201202
square squareformat iphoneography instagramapp xproii uploaded:by=instagram foursquare:venue=4e1bbd952271612641383909
Another shot of #sunset at Micro Beach on #saipan.
Life on the island
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Sunrise means we can finally begin our trip.
blue silhouette sunrise purple earlymorning palm gradation 青 saipan サイパン 紫 シルエット 日の出 ヤシ グラデーション 早朝 lx3 coraloceanpoint コーラルオーシャンポイント
Sunrise 091103